Avanti Industries

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Avanti Industries
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Canonbie
Primary Products Support Vehicles

Eschewing military production, Avanti Industries is an Isle of Skye based conglomerate focused on producing luxury vehicles for the corporate elite and nobility of the Lyran Commonwealth.


Founded during the Star League era by the GioAvantis of Canonbie, a wealthy merchant family with roots stretching back to the central European region of Terra, Avanti has avoided being a target during the Succession Wars era by focusing almost entirely on civilian production. Aiming their products at the wealthiest and highest ranked customers of the Lyran nation and across the Inner Sphere, while far overshadowed by the production volumes of more mainstream companies, Avanti trades on the exclusivity of its products. [1]

During the Jihad, Avanti's facility on Skye was heavily damaged by the Word of Blake's use of orbital bombardment.[2]


In 3067 the company's CEO is Magnus GioAvanti.[1]


Avanti Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Avanti Aerospace of Canonbie:
Component Type
Zanadu Air Bus[1] Air Support Vehicle
ACL-800 Comet Airline[3] Air Support Vehicle
Avanti AA-700[3] ICE Engine - ACL-800 Comet Airline


Components produced on Avanti CyberTech of Nusakan:
Component Type
Zanadu Air Bus[1] Air Support Vehicle


Components produced on Avanti Motors of Skye:
Component Type
Zanadu Air Bus[1] Air Support Vehicle


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