Avatar (AV1-OC) (CCG - MechWarrior)

Rarity: Uncommon

Avatar (AV1-OC)


Mass: 70 tons

Armament: PPC, 20 LRMs, AC/5

Avatar (AV1-OC) CCG MechWarrior.jpg
Unit - 'Mech - Omni - Inner Sphere - Kurita

Missile 1

Overheat 1: +1 attack

C3 (Each 'Mech with C3 in a group that includes at least one other 'Mech with C3 gets +2 attack.)

Luthien Armor Works reverse-engineered the Avatar from the Clans' Vulture, creating a worthy 'Mech in a shorter design time.
2 / 8 Illus: Franz Vohwinkel
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