An Axe


The Axe is one of the oldest examples of a tool still in use in the thirty-first century. Generally wielded two-handed, the axe can be used for anything from chopping wood to chopping off a limb, and can be found on nearly every human-occupied world, whether constructed from bone and wood or high-strength plastics and steel. While not commonly used as a weapon of war, the axe's weight and design gives it superior armor penetration compared to other archaic weapons, though this also makes it equally clumsy to use.[1]



Item: Axe
Technology: Primitive technology
Age of War/Early Star League: Very common
Succession Wars: Very common
Clan Invasion: Very common
Legality: Unrestricted
Armor piercing/base damage: 3M/2
Range: 1M
Shots: —
Cost/reload: 25
Affiliation: —
Mass: 4 KG
Notes: -2 TO-HIT



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