Died 10 Sept 3050?
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon

Bagdan (born 30?? - died 10 Sept 3050?) was a trueborn warrior of Clan Jade Falcon during the early stages of Operation Revival. He held the rank of Star Captain and commanded a Trinary in the prestigious Falcon Guards under Star Colonel Adler Malthus.


Bagdan led his unit, Trinary Alpha, with a disciplinarian hand. In return, his troops held little feeling but cold disdain for him. He was regarded as one of the Jade Falcons’ most successful MechWarriors, with a kill tally of eleven Federated Commonwealth BattleMechs during the Twycross campaign alone. He was described as a muscular individual, with the exaggerated physiology "peculiar to Clan MechWarriors". Star Captain Bagdan was present during the Falcon Guards’ ill-fated advance along the Great Gash in September 3050, and his OmniMech was buried under tons of rubble along with his Cluster.[1]


While Bagdan’s OmniMech was buried at the Great Gash, The Battle for Twycross does not explicitly state that he was killed there. It is possible that he may have survived, like his comrade, Star Captain Lefar.


Bagdan was assigned a Thor of the A configuration during the Falcon Guards’ operations on Twycross.[2]


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