Batavia (Individual Vigilant-class WarShip)

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This article is about the Vigilant-class WarShip. For the planet, see Batavia.

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Vigilant


The FSS Batavia was a Vigilant-class WarShip within the Federated Suns WarShip squadron dispatched in response to distress calls from miners in the Malagrotta system[1] in 2573,[2] prompting an incident that became known as the Malagrotta Affair. The FSS Batavia and the other elements of the WarShip squadron had been called due to the unexpected arrival of a Taurian Concordat WarShip squadron in the system.[1]

The Federated Suns naval squadron arrived in the Malagrotta system via a LaGrange jump point two days after the Taurian squadron arrived, engaged the Taurian squadron and destroyed or captured all bar one of the Taurian vessels. The only loss taken by the Federated Suns squadron was a single Leopard CV-class DropShip. The Taurian Concordat maintained after the incident that the Taurian squadron had jumped into the system with navigational problems, and had been proceeding to the mining moon of Fortuna to attempt to conduct repairs.[1]


The Vigilant class of WarShips was designed and manufactured by the Terran Hegemony; those Vigilants not mothballed when the class was replaced were sold to the various Houses. This means that the FSS Batavia would have been in service to with the Hegemony Armed Forces prior to entering service with the Federated Suns navy.[3]


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