BattleTech: The Crescent Hawks' Revenge/Equipment

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Values used in the game[edit]

The weapons of this game are not fully understood. The Player's Guide that came with the game did not give specific ranges or damage amounts for any weapon. The following descriptions of range were given on page 24:

  • Close, 0-90 meters (1-3 squares)
  • Medium, 91-300 meters (4-10 squares)
  • Long, 301-600 meters (11-20 squares)

additionally, the following comments were made in the Guide:

  • Autocannons are rarely effective beyond 600 meters (p103)
  • PPCs / ER PPCs / Guass Rifles / LB-X AC are inaccurate at close range (p104 / 105)
  • ER Lg Lasers and ER PPCs have “extended range” (p104-105)
  • LB-X Autocannon has 20% more range than a standard autocannon (p114)
  • LRMs are accurate only between “about 150 and 700 meters” (p115)

It has yet to be determined what exact weapon ranges are in this game.

Damage levels are given in order, from least to greatest: None, Light, Moderate, Heavy, Brutal, Devastating, Incredible

Heat levels are assumed to be in this order, from least to greatest: None, Minimal, V. Low, Low, Warm, Hot, Blazing, Inferno.

Weapons circa 3030[edit]

Weapon Max.Range Damage Heat Ammo Rounds
Autocannon/2 Long V. Light Minimal 45
Autocannon/5 Long Medium Minimal 20
Autocannon/10 Long V. Heavy Low 10
Autocannon/20 Long Devistating Hot 5
Small Laser Close Light Minimal N/A
Medium Laser Medium Medium Low N/A
Large Laser Long Heavy V. Hot N/A
LRM-5 Long Light V. Low 22
LRM-10 Long Medium Warm 12
LRM-15 Long V. Heavy Hot 8
LRM-20 Long Devastating Hot 6
Machine Gun Close V. Light None 200
PPC Long V. Heavy Blazing N/A
SRM-2 Med V. Light V. Low 50
SRM-4 Med Medium Low 25
SRM-6 Med Heavy Warm 15

Weapons circa 3050[edit]

New weapons became available for use after the Clan invasion. In this game the clans used the exact same weapons as the Inner Sphere. For example, Clan ER PPCs were identical to Inner Sphere ER PPCs.

Weapon Max.Range Damage Heat Ammo Rounds
ER Large Laser Long V. Heavy Blazing N/A
ER PPC Long Brutal Inferno N/A
Gauss Rifle Long Brutal Minimal 8
LB 10-X AC Long V. Heavy V. Low 10
Small Pulse Laser Med Medium Low N/A
Medium Pulse Laser Med Heavy Warm N/A
Large Pulse Laser Long V. Heavy Blazing N/A

Equipment circa 3050[edit]

In addition to the new weapons, certain mechs were given upgraded equipment. The exact effects that these had on the game has yet to be determined.

Artemis IV Fire-Control System (FCS)