This page displays an example of the precedence of all the current official award ribbons, along with the proper 'retirement' of multiple duplicate awards.

Awards Board

Founder's Consistent Service AwardFounder's Outstanding Member of the Year AwardFounder's Superior Editor of the Year Award, 2005
Founder's Exceptional Recruiter of the Year Award, 2005Founder's Honorable Mention AwardSupArt.jpg
Community Service Award, 1st ribbonGdArt.jpgGdCndct.jpg
Recruiter Award, 11th ribbonVandal Cop Award, 2nd ribbonProblem Solver Award w/ Founder's device
Problem Solver Award, 3rd ribbonAssistance Appreciated Award, 4th ribbonHelping Hand Award, 5th ribbon
Direction Appreciated Award, 6th ribbonCasual Edit Award, 1st ribbonGood Humor Award, 7th ribbon
All Purpose Award, 8th ribbonRandom Act of Appreciation Award, 9th ribbonEdit Count (15,000)
Time in Service (8 years)

1 - The Problem Solver Award w/ Founder's Frame (4th row, 3rd ribbon) takes precedence over the standard Problem Solver Award (5th row, 1st ribbon).

Previously Awarded Board

Founder's Superior Editor of the Year Award, 2003Founder's Superior Editor of the Year Award, 2004Founder's Exceptional Recruiter of the Year Award, 2004
Recruiter Award, 10th ribbon

1 - The previous awards of the Founder's Superior Editor of the Year (1st row, 1st & 2nd ribbons) are 'retired' to this board, in lieu of the (latest) displayed one (Awards Board, 1st row, 3rd ribbon). The comments sections of the awards' code has been (optionally) changed to reflect the years of the previous presentations.
2 - The Recruiter Award, 10th ribbon (2nd row, only ribbon), has been 'retired', due to the Editor receiving his eleventh ribbon of the award. The 11th ribbon (Awards Board, 2nd row, 3rd ribbon) has had its comments section (optionally) changed, to reflect the 11th award.