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Surreal Award: copy the tag into the recipient's Awards Board

Ribbon Title Tag
Sur.jpg 1st award [[File:Sur.jpg|Surreal Award, 1st ribbon]]
Sur 1bol.jpg 2nd award [[File:Sur_1bol.jpg|Surreal Award, 2nd ribbon]]
Sur 2bol.jpg 3rd award [[File:Sur_2bol.jpg|Surreal Award, 3rd ribbon]]
Sur 3bol.jpg 4th award [[File:Sur_3bol.jpg|Surreal Award, 4th ribbon]]
Sur 1sol.jpg 5th award [[File:Sur_1sol.jpg|Surreal Award, 5th ribbon]]
Sur 2sol.jpg 6th award [[File:Sur_2sol.jpg|Surreal Award, 6th ribbon]]
Sur 3sol.jpg 7th award [[File:Sur_3sol.jpg|Surreal Award, 7th ribbon]]
Sur 4sol.jpg 8th award [[File:Sur_4sol.jpg|Surreal Award, 8th ribbon]]
Sur 1sc.jpg 9th award [[File:Sur_1sc.jpg|Surreal Award, 9th ribbon]]
Sur 1gc.jpg 10th award [[File:Sur_1gc.jpg|Surreal Award, 10th ribbon]]
Sur ff.jpg Founder's device [[File:Sur_ff.jpg|Surreal Award w/ Founder's device]]