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Company Description[edit]

Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Virtual World Entertainment, LLC (VWE) is no longer in Good Standing with the State of Michigan. It was a supplier of attractions to the location-based entertainment industry. Virtual World (disbanded) produced and distributed gaming cockpits since 1989 and was an INC owned then closed by Tim Disney.

BattleTech Cockpit Simulator Pods[edit]

VWE's gaming cockpits provide gamers the opportunity to play the part of BattleTech MechWarriors the exhilaration of piloting a virtual BattleMech in networked combat with other players. The Tesla II cockpits, featuring the BattleTech: Firestorm software, are fully-enclosed, military-style simulators that feature seven screens, over 90 control systems, and a 12-speaker surround sound audio system. When seated in the cockpit (or 'pod'), the player pilots their own 'Mechs onto the virtual landscape to compete for battlefield superiority with those seated in surrounding cockpits.

BattleTech Centers[edit]

The BattleTech Pods were available at various retail centers across the United States. See the following map for locations. NOTICE: This list of centers is very obsolete. It has not been updated since 2008.

BattleTech Pods at Conventions[edit]

The BattleTech Pods use to travel throughout the year to various conventions across the United States. This convention tour listing provides upcoming venues. Further information for planning and scheduling of pods should be done through event organizers, with specific details found at the Con Organizers site.

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