Battle Armor Myomer Booster


The experimental Battle Armor Myomer Booster was created by Clan Ice Hellion as they experimented to produce an improved MASC system for BattleMechs. Though unsuccessful in that task, the research created a system that increased the speed and strength of battle armor suits. The Hellions installed the system on their battle armor in 3072, but research began in 3066.[1]

Despite the increased speed and damage potential, the Battle Armor Myomer Booster has a serious flaw: It generates tremendous amounts of heat. This makes it impossible for suits equipped with the Myomer Booster to take advantage of Stealth Armor or ambush from hidden locations.


Game Rules[edit]

The Battle Armor Myomer Booster provides 2 ground MP to PA(L)s, Light Battle Armor, and Medium Battle Armor. Heavy and Assault Battle Armors gain 1 ground MP. This can take the armor past it's ground MP limit. All Leg and Swarm Attacks performed by armor with a BAMB add two points of damage to the attack per trooper.

Due to the extreme heat generated by the system, units equipped with a BAMB may not hide per Hidden Units rules, and renders Stealth armor or Mimetic Armor ineffective. ECM carried by a BAMB-equipped suit are still effective and will disrupt electronics as normal, but the extreme heat means the BAMB-equipped suit is always visible.[1]

The Battle Armor Myomer Booster is incompatible with the Battle Armor Mechanical Jump Booster.[2]


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