Battle of The Rock

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Battle of The Rock
Part of The Clan Invasion
Start Date 13 August 3049
Location Sisyphus' Lament
Planet The Rock
Result Clan Wolf Victory
Clan Wolf Ryan's Rebels 1st Kell Hounds
Commanders and leaders
Khan Ulric Kerensky
saKhan Garth Radick
Kenny Ryan Major Preston
Forces involved
Golden Keshik 1st Battalion 3rd Battalion
Minimal Atmosphere/Gravity

The Battle of The Rock was one of the first major engagements of the Clan Invasion as Clan Wolf advanced through the Periphery en route to the Inner Sphere. While most of their opposition up to this point had been easily dealt with, their battle with the Kell Hounds, a premier mercenary unit, gave the Clan warriors their first taste of how Inner Sphere forces conducted combat. Analysis of the information gleaned from this battle proved valuable in future engagements with the Inner Sphere. The battle was also notable for the capture of Kell Hounds member Phelan Kell as isorla by Clan Wolf, although the significance of this would not be appreciated until much later.