Bayle Campbell

Bayle Campbell (born ???? - died 3070) was the Loremaster of Clan Blood Spirit during the run up to Operation Revival and beyond, serving into the years just prior to the Wars of Reaving.[1][2]


Elected to the post of Loremaster of Clan Blood Spirit in 3045 at the young age of 17, Bayle Campbell was said to be a highly charismatic warrior who took his post with the utmost seriousness and dedication.[1][2]

Breaking the Silence[edit]

Traditionally, the Loremaster of Clan Blood Spirit was the keeper of the dark tales of their Clan's betrayal, fanning the flames of hate for their erstwhile fellows in each new generation of warriors. The Loremaster's tales also reinforced the Spirit's practice of extreme isolation, doing their part in continuing the policy of avoidance of the other Clans whenever possible.[1]

But when Clan Star Adder brought evidence of the hated Clan Burrock's dealing with elements of the Dark Caste, Loremaster Campbell could no longer counsel abstaining from involvement. Instead, he would urge Khan Karianna Schmitt and saKhan Daryl Keller to attack the Burrocks preemptively, regardless of the Grand Council having awarded the Rights to Absorption to Clan Star Adder. In the wake of the disastrous and decidedly un-Clanlike attempt to seize Burrock assets and gain a measure of revenge in their long feud, Loremaster Campbell switched the focus of his hate from Clan Burrock to Clan Star Adder, calling them a blight that must be removed before Kerensky's Vision could ever be achieved.[1][3]

Fight Unto the End[edit]

Loremaster Campbell met his end fighting alongside forces of Clan Fire Mandrill on Barcella in 3070. In command of Omega Galaxy, he arrived to assist forces of Clan Fire Mandrill in defense of recently won enclaves. Clan Ice Hellion besieged the positions but were unable to break the Blood Spirit defenders. Though his Clan was victorious, Loremaster Campbell would not witness the triumph, giving his life while leading his forces in the thick of battle.[2]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Loremaster of Clan Blood Spirit

Succeeded by
Constans Cluff


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