Behemoth (Flamer Variant) (CCG - Arsenal)

Rarity: Uncommon

Behemoth (Flamer Variant)


Mass: 100 tons

Armament: Main 20 LRMs, 12 SRMs, 2 AC/10s

Behemoth (Flamer Variant) CCG Arsenal.jpg
Unit - Vehicle - Inner Sphere - Davion - Steiner

Missile 1

Alpha Strike: +2 attack

Vehicle (Activates, attacks, guards, and blocks like a 'Mech. If damaged, roll a die. On a 6, scrap Vehicle.)

AP (Behemoth deals +1 damage to any target other than a 'Mech.)

Behemoth cannot block unless guarding.

3 / 7 Illus: Christina Wald
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