Belle Isle

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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Belle Isle
Belle Isle neighbouring systems
Belle Isle neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates 445.27:-451.75[e]

The Belle Isle system was the location of at least one habitable world and as at 3145 was located in the Calderon Protectorate.[1][2]

System Description[edit]

The Belle Isle system is located close to the Carvajal and Franmalin systems.[1][2]

System History[edit]

The Belle Isle system was either colonised at some point after the end of the Third Succession War or was an already-settled system that became significant enough during this period for Inner Sphere nations to begin recording its location on maps.[3][4][5]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

When Baron Cham Kithrong elected to create the Calderon Protectorate, four worlds garrisoned by VI Corps formed the basis of the Protectorate. Belle Isle was one of these worlds - and was one of the first worlds to be attacked by TDF forces loyal to the Concordat. The VI Corps elements on Belle Isle were pushed offworld by October 3066.[12]

In 3142 the Protectorate defense manufacturer Protectorate Military Industries opened a satellite facility on Belle Isle; unlike the other PMI facilities, the Belle Isle installation was funded solely by the Protectorate. The Belle Isle facility specialised in the production of ferro-fibrous armor and endo steel, and by 3144 production had expanded to include extra-light fusion engines.[20]

Planetary Locations[edit]


Industrial Centers[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Carvajal 32.3 Franmalin 36.5 Tyrrhenia 40.3 Fylovar 41.3
Sebha 44.9 Albaracht 47.7 Colchis 48.3 San Carlos 58.4


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