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Also known as Benjamin Emory
Born 3030
Affiliation Word of Blake
Manei Domini
Spouse Rianne
Children Jeremiah Emory
Alyssa Emory
Alexander Emory

Berith born as "Benjamin Emory"[1] (b. 3030) - d. 3??) is a Word of Blake military officer and Ascended warrior of the Manei Domini. He went on to obtain the Domini rank of Specter Precentor Sigma[2].


Berith, as of 3072, appears to be of average height and build. His most obvious cybernetic enhancements are his eyes, which are of metallic blue color, and glow in dim light.[3]

Character History[edit]

Early Life & ComStar Career[edit]

Born as Benjamin Emory, he was raised on Terra by ComStar employed parents. He joined the ranks of ComStar at age 15, beginning his road to become a MechWarrior.

He fought with the ComGuard's Sixth Division in the battle of Devil's Bath in 3052 against Clan Steel Viper's First Steel Viper Guard.[4] After the conflict, he developed a deep-seated hatred of the Clans. His experience in the battle improved his military education and he became an expert at Combined Arms Tactics.[5] Emory later went on to join ComStar's ROM as a member of their special operations team, Blake's Wrath. By 3057, he had become the head instructor of the Wrath's training group.

In Service of Word of Blake Prior to the Jihad[edit]

He was in command of the ROM training compound the Terran city of Cairo, when Word of Blake launched its Operation Odysseus. He surrendered his command to elements of the Blake's 2nd Division and swore loyalty to them and Terra. He and his staff were interrogated for a period of six months, after which they given places in Blake's own special operation forces in their ROM, Light of Mankind. Emory remained by his own choosing as an instructor for Word of Blake's ROM. His efforts with his pupils made them succeed in their training placed them high-skill rating, placing them in Light of Mankind's special operations groups of Venatori and Opacus.

The Jihad and Accendance to Manei Domini[edit]

When the Jihad erupted, Emony was called to action and commanded number of special operation actions against several worlds of the Chaos March. These special ops actions had hand in solidifying Word of Blake's interests that would later be part of the member worlds of the Word of Blake Protectorate. Among his actions, he had taken assignment on the world of Keid in April 3068. He and other members of his Light of Mankind team conducted a HALO drop in their Purifier Battle Armor on to planet, to strike against planetary Governor Doucette.[6]

During these actions, he was injured that led him to being hospitalized and undergo cybernetic replacement/enhancements. Precentor Apollyon requested that he train new Manei Domini troops on Circinus. By 3069, he was promoted to Precentor in command of the newly combined special operation group, the Opacus Venatori.[7] During this period he was taken under Apollyon's wing and elevated becoming highest rank of the Manei warriors.

On Gibson, he personally accompanies Apollyon in hunt for New Gibson Freedom League. He with others of Apollyon's personal member of his team hunt down the rebels and systematically eliminates them.[8]

Clash with the Bounty Hunter[edit]

In 3072, Berith was in pursuit of Victoria Parrdeau and her journal. His mission led him to the world of Dalton in the Free Worlds League. In his pursuit of the woman, he discovered that he was not alone in seeking her. Using Irian Corporate Security as a means to his search, he discovered an apparently compromised safe house. Berith discovers his prey is gone, but he then quickly pickup team member of the legendary mercenary, the Bounty Hunter from residue from crime scene. He then interrogates him and implants him with tracking device to follow him to the Bounty Hunter.

Beirth finds that the Bounty Hunter has taken a Irian Luxury AirShip, the Wind Dancer. Beirth quickly acquires a stunt plane and pursues the Hunter. He quickly jumps from the plane, meets up with the Hunter. They face off in one of the Wind Dancer's bar area. There Berith uses his cybernetics to gain upper hand, while taunting the Bounty Hunter. In midst of the fight, he notices a women's satchel get strapped around the Bounty Hunter's signature green armor. However, despite his edge, the Hunter manages to stay one step ahead of him. After emptying their guns, they grapple each other various in martial techniques. Ultimately, Berith is out maneuvered as explosions began go off, the Hunter lunges forward; activating his Jump Pack. Berith tries to stop him from escaping, but blacks out from magnetic pulse grenades that the Bounty Hunter had dropped as he left. After his cybernetic electronics recovers, he finds the Airship rapidly descending in pieces as explosions ring out around the ship. Falling at more than three kilometers, with no escape devices available, Berith jumps to the safety of near by rock formations that the ship was about to crash into.[9]

Precentor Berith as of 3075


By 3077, Berith had become Apollyon's second-in-command, he also was given more of Apollyon's command responsiblies.[10]

Late Jihad[edit]

On the 30th of April 3078 it was revealed by Colonel Marcel Webb - Commanding Officer of the Star Seeds mercenary unit and head of security for the allied coalition - in a news broadcast from Kittery that the allied coalition was filing criminal charges on behalf of all the allied nations against a number of senior Word of Blake senior or high profile figures, including Berith. The coalition intended to charge Berith with treason, espionage, terrorism, murder, and genocide under his original name, Benjamin Emory.[11]


While still Benjamin Emory, Berith was married to Rianne, whom he met on Solaris VII. Later, they had two children: a son Jeremiah, and a daughter Alyssa.[12] His young daughter later died of cancer, which led to his family going their separate ways.[13]

He also had a son, Precentor Alexander Emory[14].

Titles and Ranks[edit]


The Commanding Officer of Blake's Wraith Training Center in Cairo, Terra as of 3057.

Word of Blake[edit]

The Commanding Officer of the Opacus Venatori, since 3069.


While in command of the Opacus Venatori, he was given a customized Archangel Assault OmniMech.

In the short-story found in Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents Berith's noted as having the rank of Spector Precentor Omega, which is incorrect. The Omega name is Manei Domini rank of Adept.[15]


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