Berserk Elemental Point (CCG - Arsenal)

Rarity: Uncommon

Berserk Elemental Point


Mass: n/a

Armament: special

Berserk Elemental Point CCG Arsenal.jpg
Unit - Battle Armor - Clan

Battle Armor (Activates, attacks, guards, and blocks like a 'Mech, and cannot attack or block alone.)

Jump (-1 attack: +1 initiative)

AP (Berserk Elemental Point deals +1 damage to any target other than a 'Mech.)

Attacks or blocks at the speed of the fastest Omni 'Mech in the group accompanying it, if any.

Choose an engaged 'Mech. If that 'Mech takes structure damage later in the battle, scrap it and Berserk Elemental Point. Use this ability only during battle.

0 / 4 Illus: Thomas M. Baxa
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