Bismarck (Individual WarShip)

This article is about the SLDF WarShip named Bismarck. For other uses, see Bismarck (disambiguation).
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


The SLS Bismarck was the winner of the "Best WarShip" category of the Martial Olympiad of 2708.[1] Its exact class was not mentioned.

It may or may not be the same WarShip that joined General Aleksandr Kerensky's Operation Exodus in 2784, was later mothballed at the Norfolk Boneyard in the Clan Homeworlds, and finally reactivated by Clan Wolverine as the Bismark. (Author Blaine Pardoe confirmed that the name Bismark was a misspelling.[2]) The Bismark was a Texas-class vessel.


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  2. In this thread on the BattleCorps forum. (Q: "It is consistently spelled "Bismark", but is this perchance a misspelling of "Bismarck"?"; A: "Yes, with a caveat. Over time language changes, so does spellings. Now and then I slide things in where there are subtle changes that would have occurred over the centuries.") To the specific question whether these were the same ships his answer was "Hmm. Could be."