Black Lions Cooperative

Black Lions Cooperative
Colors/Badge Black/purple
A black lion's head
with glowing red eyes
set against a purple disk.
Stable Profile
Experience Regular (3067)
Rating C+ (3067)
Faction Affiliation Free Worlds League
Units Used
BattleMechs 25 (3067)


The Black Lions Cooperative is a Solaris VII based BattleMech fighting stable. The stable is noted for being formed as mutual group of MechWarrior verse owned by Stable Master or wealthy owner. They were as of 3067, longest lasting cooperative up to that time.


The Black Lions formed in 3035 by several Montenegro based MechWarriors with ties with various Free World League regions. These independent warriors came together after being tired of the typical bureaucratic squabbling between Solarian Gaming Commission members.

The Black Lions Cooperative managed to survive and thrived fighting off rival Cooperatives, Stables and crime families that infested Solaris City due to quality of MechWarriors among their ranks. Because their independents and will allowing them overcome problems of Solaris's gaming circuit, the Cooperative is selective about which MechWarrior would join their ranks.[1]


The Cooperative operate by votes of a two-third majority. These major decisions range from what resources to be purchased to goals set for their organization to pursue. Each year, the Black Lions elect a chairman to lead the Cooperative who handles the day-to-day operations.


  • "Gangbuster" Guido Akhbar - Guido Black Lion's leader as of 3067, who known for his theatrics, Iron will, and free-spirited mentality. He earned his nickname from stand off from a Montenegro gang named the Red Cobras Triad. This was due to his refusing the throw few matches in favor of the Red Cobras. Despite threats on his life, he kept attention in running the Cooperative smoothly.

Notable Personnel[edit]

Tactics and Style[edit]

Due to the Black Lion's independent mentality, the Cooperative does not have anyone tactics they stick too. The Lions' individual MechWarrior use their various style & tactics in field, making unperdicable for a foe know what they will do in a match.


As of 3067, The Black Lions have 31 MechWarriors. Their Standard Contract is 28 percent of the take per warrior and pays 1,500 C-bill initiation fee.


Game Rules[edit]

When using Stable-Specific Rules, the Black Lions have a D Equipment Rating. Opponents in a Solaris match suffer from a -1 to their initiative due to Cooperative unpredictable nature.[2]


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