Black Marauder

The Black Marauder is a BattleMech featuring in several of Lance Scarinci's BattleCorps short stories. No proper name can be determined; it is frequently referred to as (the) Black Marauder or simply Marauder.

Its story is told through unreliable narrators and as in-universe rumors that portray the 'Mech as a malevolent demonic entity. It is linked to a series of strange events and inexplicable (and often lethal) accidents, and seems to have a psychological effect on its MechWarrior (pilot).


The Black Marauder resembles a MAD-3R Marauder with flat black paint, although its shape supposedly looks somehow "wrong" and its "proportions not quite right", too sleek yet of terribly imposing bulk and with too-smooth angles. It has no serial number nor other factory markings whatsoever.

Its presence seems to grow larger when sight is obscured by darkness, fog or smoke, incidentially circumstances in which it seems to perform markedly better.

In some instances the 'Mech was—always inconclusively—described to move in ways that are impossible for a Marauder (or any 'Mech), including one tale where it was said to have turned its "head" by bending its long snout just forward of the arm joints and revealed a maw with rows of serrated teeth.


In December 3073 aging Sergeant Grange led militia MechWarrior Kevin Langstrom to a hidden bunker in the Padishan Flats desert on Warren where the Black Marauder was stored, and told him its backstory:

According to Sgt. Grange, the Ninth FedCom RCT had originally found the 'Mech by chance shortly after the Fourth Succession War, sitting on an airless asteroid in an uninhabited system one jump from Malagrotta where the unit recharged their jump drive. Their next jump to Agliana saw the crew emerge scared and fearful, with no recollection why or what happened in the split-second jump. One particularly sensitive man suffered a jump psychosis out of the blue and committed suicide by spacing himself. After a tech died from an accidental (and technically impossible) weapons discharge and a MechWarrior later vanished under mysterious and frightening circumstances while piloting the 'Mech, the Black Marauder was seen as cursed, and nobody wanted to pilot it. The unit's colonel finally picked it for himself and put it out on maneuvers, only to return two hours later than expected, pale and tired, and ordered the 'Mech be put away for good. Grange and one Jim Mullins subsequently stowed it away in the bunker on Warren after the War of 3039, vowing never to reveal its location. Mullins passed away without breaking his vow, but old Sgt. Grange would lead MechWarrior Langstrom to the hiding place thirty-five years later because he felt that the Jihad that was unfolding was a different kind of war, one that needed the Black Marauder to participate.[1]

The ambitious Kevin Langstrom, something of an outsider in the unit, was not afraid of the 'Mech at all, and instead regarded it as a golden opportunity.

In the following year he slew a fellow MechWarrior who taunted him in a fit of rage and hid the body in the Black Marauder's leg casing (which curiously seemed to cure a malfunction in the actuators on the sidelines that had been impossible to pin down and fix beforehand). Before the murder could be uncovered a raid by Taurian Concordat forces sent the unit scramblingto defend the town of Cobalt. During the following battle Langstrom fell into a killing frenzy, refusing to withdraw when ordered and effectively razing the town while battling Taurians. When confronted by Grange who demanded he give up the Marauder, Langstrom destroyed Grange's Enforcer. At that point a pirate group, Grady's Grinders, arrived on the scene with six 'Mechs. They offered Langstrom to join them in the Tortuga Fusiliers, or face the prospect of being court martialled and presumably executed for attacking Grange. Langstrom accepted their offer, then casually killed their leader by destroying the cockpit of his Phoenix Hawk with a PPC blast and declared himself their new leader.[2]

On Tortuga Prime, Kevin Langstrom would become known as Black Kevin. He and his 'Mech instilled fear in his fellow pirates. In 3080 pirate king Ravannion tried to sell him out by luring him on a mission deep into the Federated Suns that was in reality a trap set by Sgt. Grange. Black Kevin escaped in a bloody battle involving civilian hostages chained to the pirate 'Mechs, and returned to kill Ravannion. He then left Tortuga with the Black Marauder, after having spoken in vague terms about a "place where the Star League poked through" to some unspecified "beyond" that he wanted to find.[3]


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