Carbon-fiber Reinforced Fingernails

Carbon-Reinforced Nails
Production information
Type Melee
Tech Base IS
Year Availability 2990 (CC)
Technology Rating D
Availability Ratings X/D/D
Technical specifications
Damage .02
Short Range 0
Mass 0 kg
Cost (unloaded) 1,000[1]
BV (2.0) .02[2]


Carbon-fiber Reinforced Fingernails are unique to the upper-class of the Capellan Confederation. Those of wealth and culture will grow the fingernails of the last three digits on their hands out to ten centimeters, then decorate them with gems and gold leaf. Those with a particular inclination can then reinforce these nails with carbon fibers, turning them into razor-sharp claws capable of tearing through flesh and leather.[3]



Item: Carbon-fiber Reinforced Fingernails[4]
Equipment Rating: D/D/C
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 1/1D6
Cost: 1000
Affiliation: CC
Mass: -
Notes: No effect vs. AP +3


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