Blades of Death

Blades of Death
Unit Profile (as of 3077)

The Blades of Death were a failed mercenary unit that turned to piracy.


Founded by a group of disaffected officers of Lyran descent.[1]

Though noted as former mercenaries, the Blades of Death were already considered outlaws when they staged a raid on the Outworlds Alliance world of Risin in 3035 to steal a lostech cache, destroying the mercenary unit Jureck's Jaegers in the process. In their typical fashion, the Blades of Death killed the Jaegers' officers and enslaved the survivors. One slave, Woodrow Ethan Allen, was sold on to new masters in the Marian Hegemony after many years.[2]

As of 27 December 3074 the Duchy of Andurien was rumored to have some sort of deal with the Blades of Death, or have issued them a Letter of Marque.[3]

In May of 3077, the Blades of Death struck the world of Inarcs stealing some 324 tons of supplies from the Acrux Incorporated warehouse outside Oak Grove, mostly non-perishable foodstuffs, before fleeing in the face of the Blackstone Highlanders after causing considerable collateral damage. Some reportedly speculated that Duchess LaRue was somehow linked to the attack, given political wrangling about her Inarcs Archonette.[4] The wording of the report suggests that at least one other planet had been raided by the Blades of Death relatively shortly before.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Blades of Death
General Jeren Reinesblatt [1]


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