Blaine Sorenson

Blaine Sorenson
Affiliation House Sorenson
Duke of Rasalhague
Parents Erik Sorenson (father)
Children Jarod Sorenson, Zarabeth Sorenson, Illiyana Sorenson

Blaine Sorensen (lived during 25th/26th century) were formal ruler of the Rasalhague Principality. He had three Children: Jarod, Zarabeth and Illiyana. Blaine was instrumental in the reinstallation of the Kurita-line in the Draconis Combine rule. [1]

Character History[edit]

He ruled the Principality with firm hand. His citizens loved him. With the marriage and a secret pact he wrote history. His daughter Illiyana married Martin McAllister and their child Siriwan would become one day Coordinator. After so many years of preparation, he and McAllister vanquish House Von Rohrs line. After the death of his daughter Sorenson protected and raised his grandchild. Blaine started an assault in the Combine and McAllister used the chaotic situation to kill the ruling Coordinator and his entire family. After the revolt he was rewarded the position of "Duke of Rasalhague". [2]


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