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Vessel Profile
Previous names Blake's Mercy
Type WarShip (Yardship)
Class Newgrange


The RoSS Clementia, previously known as the WoBS Blake's Mercy and later the RoSS Mercy, was a Newgrange-class yardship operated by the Word of Blake and later the Republic of the Sphere.

Originally an Star League Defense Force vessel that fell under the control of the Word of Blake, the Blake's Mercy was deployed to Coventry during the later years of the Jihad in an attempt to repair the Super-Jump crippled WoBS Immortal Spirit, only to be captured by Devlin Stone's coalition forces during the liberation of that world in 3074.[1][2]

The center of a major dispute between the Lyran Commonwealth and Clan Jade Falcon over whose forces rightly captured it, Devlin Stone was eventually able to secure the vessel for the Republic of the Sphere, and had the renamed RoSS Mercy sent to Terra to bolster the still heavily damaged O'Neil Yards after the Jihad.[3] Later renamed the Clementia to match the chosen naming scheme of the Republic Armed Forces navy's Faslane-class yardships,[4] the Clementia, Harmonia and Necessitas were decommissioned and mothballed in the late 3120s following the loss of the Faslane-class RoSS Iustitia in an industrial accident in 3117. With the enactment of Fortress Republic, a number of Republic naval commanders began pressing for the reactivation of the Clementia and her sister ships to bolster naval production, but safety concerns and the potential impact on state security such a reactivation would entail meant that by 3145 no serious consideration was given to such ideas.[5]


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