Blanc's Coyotes

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Blancs coyote.jpg
Blanc's Coyotes
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Martin Blanc
Formed 3063
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no
Unit Disposition - 3067
Battalion New Home - Regular

The Blanc's Coyotes (formerly Wylie's Coyotes) mercenary unit is a mercenary command with origins as mysterious as the Wolf's Dragoons and one of few that managed to vanish decades earlier only to reappear 36-years later to share an incredible tale. The unit earned wildly different reputations during the respective periods they appeared.


Wylie's Coyotes.png
Wylie's Coyotes
Unit Profile (as of 3030)
CO Colonel Enzo Wylie
Formed 3010
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor yes
Infantry yes
Unit Disposition - 3030
Regiment Bromhead - Veteran

From 3010 to 3030 the unit was employed by the Federated Suns. Their next contract would have brought them to the Magistracy of Canopus. A misjump sent them off course to the Samoyedic-Colonies in the deep Periphery. Over the years they would form a close relationship with them. Once three decades worth of repair work to their Star Lord Class JumpShip was completed and many of the original Coyotes members died due to virus on Samoyedic. Some of the survivors of the unit decided to remain behind and help defend their new homes, while many of the unit's descendants decided to return to civilization. In 3063, the unit returned to the Inner Sphere with only one Battalion worth of troops.

By 3067, the unit found employment with the Word of Blake, and likely participated in the Jihad. The command had shown a brutality unknown from them. Rumors suggest the WoB held Samoyedic-Colonies as a hostage.


Martin Blanc is the grandson of former unit commander Colonel Enzo Wylie. He is a respected field commander and a unknown quantity.


The unit fights with a pack mentality. During battle one company attacks then fades away while another company from another direction attacks next and so on.

Mercenary Rating[edit]

Dragoon Rating: C (3066)[1]

Dragoon Rating: Wanted (3067)[2]



Wylie’s Coyotes (Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[3]

Contract: AFFS[3]
  • CO: Colonel Enzo Wylie [3]

- The unit arrived with an entire Battalion of pristine Light BattleMechs.[4]

The unit has one Star Lord-class JumpShip, the Geronimo, and 3 well maintained Overlord-class Dropships.


Wylie’s Coyotes (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[4]

Contract: AFFS[3]
  • CO: Colonel Enzo Wylie [3]

- The unit expanded to 1 full BattleMech Battallion with 1 Vehicle Company, 1 Infantry Company, and Aerospace assets in support; 75% of all 'Mechs are light or medium in design (Size 1 or 2) and all vehicles are light size (Size 1). The infantry company consists of three platoons of Jump Infantry with Laser rifles.[4]

The unit has one Star Lord-class JumpShip, the Geronimo, and 3 well maintained Overlord-class Dropships.


Wylie's Coyotes (Veteran/Reliable)[5]


  • Blanc's Coyotes (1 BattleMech Battalion/Regular/Questionable)
    • Able Company (Pack Hunters) - CO: Colonel Martin Blanc/ command's strike unit, fielding medium units
    • Baker Company (Desert Hounds) - XO: Captain Brittany Wolfgang/ heavies and assaults designs
    • Charlie Company (Scrap’n Scavengers) - Major Tamil "Light Foot" Fawcett/ pursuit scout unit (extremely fast light and medium 'Mechs)

- Most of the unit includes Upgraded Project Phoenix designs and upgraded Star League designs they received through employment with the Word of Blake.

- Blanc's Coyotes was at 80% strength

  • Technical Support: 100%

The unit has one Star Lord-class JumpShip, the quirky and uniquely modified Geronimo, and two serviceable but very old Overlord-class Dropships.[1]



  • Oddly the unit, or someone using its name, would be listed as available for Deployment from 3038 to 3040 during the War of 3039 when they had completely vanished around 3030 and were not seen again for quite some time. During the pre-war phase they were supposedly based on Marcus with a January Jump-Off point from Lambrecht. The deployment suggests they did not participate and by Post-War ended back where they started on Marcus.[5]

Game Rules[edit]

When using Force Abilities; The controlling player may place any Coyote unit at the beginning, as far into map from their map edge as their running ability allows. To reflect the Blanc's Coyote's style of close range fighting, they receive the following modifiers; -1 medium range attacks & - 2 to short range attacks. Also they suffer from +2 to-hit modifier for any attacks conducted at long range. They also ignore all attack's modifiers for movement regardless of walking or running. They suffer -2 to their initiative penalty when facing any Clan force in a scenario.[6]


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