Blind Man's Bluff

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Blind Man's Bluff
Product information
Type Short story
Author Thomas S. Gressman
Pages 6
Illustrations William H. Keith
Publication information
First published 1988
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3027

Plot summary[edit]

During a Lyran raid on the Capellan planet of Keid, Steiner MechWarrior Brian Scully enters the small city of Bel on a reconnaissance mission. Opposing him is CCAF ’Mech officer Daniel Gyory, with orders to engage and destroy the intruder. Both pilots have to cope with the limitations of an urban battlefield, each of them trying to achieve a crippling hit on their foe.

Despite causing major damage to the Lyran Hatchetman with repeated weapons fire, Gyory is overwhelmed by Scully’s desperate head-on charge. Knocking the Capellan Centurion to the ground, Scully inflicts so much damage with his 'Mech’s hatchet that it sets off the LRM ammunition. Gyory is killed in the detonation before he can abandon his disabled BattleMech.

Wounded and left piloting a seriously damaged 'Mech, Scully decides to press on with his mission. He spares a moment to consider his deceased opponent before moving off into the gathering night.[1]

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