Bluefin Technologies

Bluefin Technologies
Company Information
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Terra[1]
Primary Products Submarine Vessels


Bluefin Technologies was a Lyran Commonwealth-based manufacturing concern.[2] Bluefin Technologies developed a cheap submersible frame that could be used in a number of different roles via the addition of preformed compartments and modules using plastic polymer sheeting, primarily to take advantage of the need for a method of transporting cargo and passengers between underwater habitats and surface ports. The Bluefin Technologies design was so successful that when the company launched itself on the Donegal Exchange in 2540, the initial stock price doubled eighty times over.[1]

Bluefin used the massive infusion of shareholder capital to design and manufacture considerably larger models of submarine, intended to transport large numbers of people, heavy industrial equipment and massive cargo loads. The Baleena design of submarine proved to be a notable success for the company, having been configured to be able to easily load and unload cargo at surface ports as well as being able to efficiently transfer equipment to deep-range submarines.[1]

During the Jihad sales of submarines boomed, as customers increasingly came to believe that the less visible cargo movements were, the better. Sales of the Baleena Passenger Submarine were so high during this period that Bluefin Technologies was able to expand on the back of them.[2]


Bluefin Technologies has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Terra:
Component Type
Baleena Passenger Submarine[1] Submarine Vessels


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