Bordon Hallis

Bordon Hallis
Died May 3052
Affiliation ComStar
Children Andrew Hallis
Kristin Hallis
Leonard Hallis

Bordon Hallis was a Com Guard MechWarrior who participated in the Battle of Tukayyid. He was a direct descendant of General Frederick Hallis of the SLDF, the father of Franklin Hallis of the Not-Named Clan.


The Hallis family originated on world Royal, with Bordon marrying and raising a young family. The Federated Commonwealth's liberation of Royal from the Draconis Combine during the War of 3039 sundered the family, with Bordon believing his wife and children dead, in truth his daughter was evacuated and adopted by Kurita loyalists and his two sons were raised in a FedCom foster home.[1] [2] [3]

Bordon would ultimately join ComStar as a MechWarrior, rising to the rank of Adept and earning a position within the the Com Guard's elite First Division. During the Battle of Tukayyid, the Sixth Army was assigned to defense of Kozice Ranch Station and Kelly Springs against Clan Steel Viper, with the First Division facing elements of Alpha Galaxy in the hellish Devil's Bath, Hallis serving as second in command a Level III led by Dean Bianchi. With Bianchi's command company held in reserve until activated three hours into the battle to rescue rest of the command, Hallis watched with horror as the Viper Guards inflicted heavy losses on the Com Guard forces.[4]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Charging with abandon into the Viper lines, an enraged Hallis faced the Beta Striker Star of the 250th Assault Cluster single handed, desperately trying to push their OmniMechs and Elementals back at pointblank range with autocannon fire and physical attacks. But the odds were stacked against him, ending up entangled with a Vulture as his 'Mech's Fusion Engine shield began to fail, Bordon Hallis' ejection seat rocketing him into the center torso of Steel Viper Black Hawk and killing him instantly.[4]

In the wake of the Battle of Tukayyid, the Vipers recovered his body and discovered a relationship between him and the Wolverine Khan Franklin Hallis. Fueled by laws put in place by Nicholas Kerensky that those who eliminated those genetically linked to the No-Named could create his own Bloodname and House, the Vipers felt honor-bound by Clan law to terminate even this last branch of the Hallis bloodline, and as Bordon has been survived by three children, the Vipers dispatched a force to trackdown every last living relative of his bloodline and terminate them with extreme prejudice.[5]

Clan Steel Viper's efforts would be complicated by Clan Nova Cat warrior Karron who defeated Jodi Hallis, Bordon's only cousin by blood and pilot of a King Crab in the 244th Division destroyed on Tukayyid, seeking the same honor of earning the right to create a Bloodname by ending the Hallis bloodline.[6] [7]


Bordon Hallis died while at the controls of Exterminator during the Battle of Tukayyid.[4]


  • Bloodright lists Bordon Hallis has holding the rank of Captain, the closest actual ComStar equivalent being the rank of Adept.
  • Dean Bianchi's account of the Battle of Tukayyid and Hallis' demise includes mention that "two of the Vultures were slashed by his autocannon's shells" and "His autocannon knocked out the leg on one of the lighter Omnis", yet no Exterminator is known to mount an autocannon. Either Bianchi's account is wrong, or Hallis' Exterminator was a heavily customized variant.[4]


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