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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Brasha neighbouring systems
Brasha neighbouring systems
System information
X:Y Coordinates 436.57:194.87[e]
Spectral class G4V[1]
Recharge time 185 hours[1]
Recharge station(s) Nadir[1]

The Brasha system was home to at least one habitable world, Brasha IV, and as at 3145 was located in the Raven Alliance.[2][3]

System Description[edit]

The Brasha system is located near the Bad News and Morthac systems[2][3] and consists of a class G4V primary orbited by at least four planets. During the thirty-first century a recharge station was in place at the nadir jump point.[1]

System History[edit]

The Brasha system was colonised in the early twenty-sixth century[1] but only became significant enough for Inner Sphere nations to begin recording its location on maps in the Star League era.[4]

Brasha IV[edit]

Planetary flag of Brasha
Planetary flag of Brasha
System position 4th[1]
Jump point
7.96 days[1]
Moons 2 (Iturea and Djerba)[1]
Surface gravity 1.2[1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature 55°C (Arid)[1]
Surface water 20%[1]
Highest native life Reptile[1]
Reference Year 3067[1]
Ruler Caliph Ibn-Ali Jinnah[1]
Population 548,000[1]
Socio-Industrial Levels D-D-C-C-D[1]
HPG (Representative) B[1]

Brasha IV - more commonly refered to simply as Brasha - is the fourth planet in the Brasha system and has two moons named Djerba and Iturea.[1]

Planetary History[edit]

Star League[edit]

The desert world of Brasha was first settled by ascetics, who practiced the Shia branch of Islam. Arriving in the early twenty-sixth century, these first settlers established the city of Alaikum, which would survive both the Reunification War and the decline of the Star League, becoming a center of Shi'ite scholarship and learning. The population grew slowly as land was recovered from the desert around the oasis on which Alaikum had been built.[1]

Succession Wars[edit]

By the middle of the thirty-first century the population of Brasha had grown to over half a million, the majority of whom were Shi'ites, but with the addition of a significant minority from the Draconis Combine who arrived as refugees, bringing both Buddhists and a practicing Shinto community. The main population expansion on Brasha occurred in the early twenty-ninth century as a result of the formation of the Alliance Military Corps, which saw a sudden demand generated for fuels and radioactives of various kind to support the Alliance Air Force. The radioactives and petrochemicals under the shifting sands of Brasha suddenly became priceless, and between 2801 and 2832 Brasha was inundated with wildcatters and mining concerns who built new towns and pipelines wherever feasible across the vast stretches of sand. These pipelines and facilities were often jury-rigged and difficult to maintain, but they allowed Brasha to prosper by the standards of the Alliance at the time.[1]

Brasha is known not just for the Shi'ite learning at Alaikum, the fuels and radioactices produced or the remarkable artwork produced by the Buddhist and Shinto communities near the western edge of the Great Northern Expanse; also of considerable note is the unique contribution made to the planetary militia by the elite infantry known as the Qum'ran Guard, named for the city from which they are recruited. The Qum'ran Guard ride tariqim, a species of predator lizard that stand six feet high at the shoulder, can store nutrients to survive internally in a fashion akin to the camels of Terra and can run at the same speed as some hovercraft or BattleMechs.[1]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Military Deployment[edit]



Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Alaikum: the oldest city on Brasha and a center of Shi'ite scholarship and learning.[1]
  • Qum'ran: a notable city on Brasha and source for the recruitment of the Qum'ran Guard.[1]

Local Fauna[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Bad News 14.5 Morthac 21.4 Dante 21.6 Quantraine 21.7
Nexus Ri 23.3 Milligan's World 26.5 Zlatousi 26.5 Dindatari 35.2
Kazanka 35.8 Quiberas 37.5 Cerberus 39.5 Osset 39.7
Rushaven 40.4 Calish 41.1 Santiago 41.5 Tabayama 48.0
Bob 49.1 Alegro 50.7 Zalaf 51.3 Coraines 53.0
Prinis Prime 53.1 Ramgarh 53.8 Sinope 54.0 Suianheer 54.4
Lushann 55.6 Pondicherry 56.3 Risin 56.3 Dneiper 57.0
Quatre Belle 59.0


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