Brawler is a battlefield role performed by certain models of 'Mechs, primarily those that are slower and equipped with either long range weaponry or heavier amounts of armor.[1]


Brawlers are considered to have less mobility than some other combatants, such as Skirmishers, but compensate for this with long range weaponry and more or heavier armor. Most often assigned to assault missions, they also serve to protect the slower Juggernauts.[1]

Considered poor performers in mobile or long-term battle scenarios, they do well in defensive roles or assaults on geographic locations, such as fortresses. Their escort role for Juggernauts can be reversed, with good effect upon similar enemy 'Mechs, especially when paired up with one or two other Brawlers. They are also effective at forcing Snipers and Missile boats from stationary positions.[1]

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