Brenda Bradley


Brenda Bradley (Born ???? - Died ????) was a member of and later commanding officer of the Illician Lancers mercenary brigade.[1]


Brenda Bradley can trace her lineage back to Colonel William Bradley, one of the founding members of the Illician Lancers and a fourteenth generation member of the Illician Order. The daughter of a namesake Colonel William Bradley, one of the longest-serving Colonels in the history of the Order, Brenda was elected to the rank of General and commanding officer of the Illician Lancers in 3046, in accordance with the traditions of the Illician Order. By 3067 Brenda was serving her fourth six-year term[1] and was the third Bradley to command the Lancers, as well as being the ninth Bradley to command the 59th Strike Regiment.[2]

During Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, Duke George Hasek's war between the Capellan March and the Capellan Confederation in 3068, Bradley commanded the 59th Strike Regiment during the campaign to capture Tsingtao and then in the campaign to try and hold the world against Vong's Grenadiers. Although Bradley was unable to dislodge the Greandiers from their beachhead, she led the 59th in an extended defensive campaign as the Grenadiers fought a war of attrition, detemined to hold the planet for as long as possible. By the time supply shipments from the AFFS stopped arriving and forced Bradley to retreat, both the 59th and the Grenadiers were down to half strength.[3]

Following the heavy losses taken by the Lancers during the war between the Capellan March and the Capellan Confederation, Bradley attempted to pull the remaining Lancer forces together to shore up the weakened border. Bradley apparently considered leaving the 59th, the traditional command regiment of the Lancers, to take a more active role in the other regiments.[3]



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