Brenda Calderon

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Brenda Calderon was distant kin to Protector Jeffrey Calderon of the Taurian Concordat, but her lineage was never considered to be in line for the Protectorship. If her name earned her anything, it was a reasonable amount of distrust that her accomplishments and advancements were the product of favoritism. This is far from the case; Brenda Calderon overcome much in the way of prejudice that arose due to her family name and she earned the position of Corps Marshal at the youngest age ever. Brenda was made overall Commander of the Taurian Defense Force by 3050.[1]

Well into her retirement years, Brenda Calderon held onto her position as Senior Marshal only at Jeffrey's request. Known to have disagreed with Protector Grover Shraplen and fearing that traditionalists might try and champion her as a replacement, she subsequently resigned her post and established herself on her New Vandenburg estates. Her position there, surrounded by I Corps, her former command, caused Protector Shraplen great concern.[2] Shraplen launched what became the Pleiades Crusade, and he immediately experienced a sharp drop in popularity as a result of the Concordat losses. Various rumors began to spread, ranging from Cham Kithrong planning to invade Taurus to install Erik Martens-Calderon on the throne, to Brenda planning a coup involving former comrades located throughout the Taurian Guard, despite being in her sixties at the time.[3]


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