Bri McFadden

Bri McFadden (born ???? - died 30??) was a warrior of Clan Blood Spirit. She would go on to serve her Clan as the ilChi to Clan Snow Raven during the post-Operation Revival era and beyond.[1]


Snow Raven ilChi[edit]

With the last true dealings with Clan Snow Raven taking place in 3010 with the last shipment of BattleMechs to York, ilChi Bri McFadden often had little to do. She had held her position since around the time of Operation Revival, but possessed little enthusiasm for the office until the ascension of Jas Keller to the post of Clan Fire Mandrill ilChi. Said to be involved in a growing relationship with the younger ilChi, Keller's energetic attitude would infect her, renewing her passion for the office.[1][2]

In the years after the Great Refusal, relations between the Spirits and the Ravens did grow closer. In 3066, the Blood Spirits lent assistance to Snow Ravens in building a new ProtoMech Galaxy, designated Zeta Galaxy.[3] Later, in 3068, Blood Spirit saKhan Troy Boques won a Trial of Possession against a cooperative Clan Snow Raven for control of Zeta. The Galaxy was put to work immediately by the Blood Spirits against their common foe, Clan Star Adder, buying both relief and room for the Snow Ravens to put their plans of building an empire outside of Clanspace into motion. The move would also gain the Ravens the unyielding hate of the Star Adders for their perceived interference. The Blood Spirits and Snow Ravens continued to assist each other in the face of raw aggression from the Snake Alliance, as the Wars of Reaving enveloped the Clan Homeworlds. Their loose alliance would persist until the Ravens departed Clanspace forever in 3073.[4][5][6]


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