Brikai Buhallin


Star Colonel Brikai Buhallin was a trueborn MechWarrior serving in the Jade Falcon’s touman during Operation Revival. He commanded the 8th Falcon Regulars Cluster of Vau Galaxy.

He was known to be open-minded, a rarity amongst his trueborn peers, and he fraternized with his MechWarriors and even technician-caste personnel in his command, a habit that did not sit well with his superiors, including Galaxy Commander Angeline Mattlov and Evak Mattlov of the 4th Falcon Velites.[1]

Pride and Stupidity[edit]

Following their unsuccessful action on Morges against Wolf’s Dragoons, the Jade Falcons staged an attack on Camelot Command in May 3054. Brikai Buhallin’s Regulars and the 124th Striker Cluster, led by Star Colonel Abraham Chi-Li, were dispatched by Vandervahn Chistu to destroy the “bandits Snord”. Their assault turned into a dismal failure, in part because Rhonda Snord and her unit had advance warning of their plans, and in part due to the competition between the two Falcon commanders.

Buhallin and Chi-Li tried to undercut each other with their combat bidding, recklessly leaving out critical aerospace and Elemental support. When they attacked the defenders of Camelot, they suffered serious losses as a result, and were driven back to their ships. A furious Khan Chistu had both of them demoted to solahma units, sending a clear message to other Falcon officers of the consequences for failure.[2]


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