Brim Naval Assault Star (Clan Snow Raven)

Brim Naval Assault Star
Unit Profile (as of 3061)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Gamma Garrison Galaxy


Jihad/Wars of Reaving[edit]

The Star fought against Clan Goliath Scorpion in the Trial of Possession for four Scorpion WarShips at Roche in March 3069. The Trial was bid down to one WarShip (Black Justice for the Ravens) and some aerospace fighters. The Raven side won the battle.[1]

By autumn 3070 the Star seems to have been split up, with the Black Justice and Snowflake, together with the Circe Battle Star defending Lum from the Clan Steel Viper attack. Snowflake was destroyed in this action. The Black Justice was destroyed in the Raven counterattack that took place five days later.[2]

While this unit was disbanded in the Jihad era reorganization, three of its ships still serve in the Snow Raven touman, the Conqueror, William Adams and Magpie.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Brim Naval Assault Star
Star Admiral Broderick Sukhanov 3061[4]
Star Admiral Anta McKenna 3067 - 3069[5][6]



Composition History[edit]





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