Broderick Sukhanov

Broderick Sukhanov (born 30?? - died 30??) was an officer in Clan Snow Raven who would rise to become saKhan for much of the Wars of Reaving and Jihad.[1]


Born to a Bloodname House that is used exclusively for the purposes of breeding naval officers for Clan Snow Raven, Broderick Sukhanov held command of the Brim Naval Assault Star from early on in his career. In 3065, Clan Steel Viper launched an assault on the Raven capital world of Lum in which both Viper Khan Perigard Zalman and Raven saKhan Bryn Cooper died. Sukhanov was soon elected to fill the empty post, serving under Khan Lynn McKenna just as the Snow Raven's fortunes were changing.[1][2]

New Alliance and The Jihad[edit]

After it became apparent that the Raven's best chance at survival was to depart the Inner Sphere, Khans McKenna and Sukhanov set about brokering a deal with the Outworlds Alliance. Having already come into contact with them in early 3064, negotiations were slow but promising, having already secured the use of Baliggora and Quatre Belle as bases for the Raven's future operations. Despite hostilities with the nearby Draconis Combine, the budding alliance appeared suitable enough for the Ravens to begin moving a great deal of their resources in from the Clan Homeworlds.[1][3][4]

The ideal situation was disrupted by a sudden attack on the Swift Wing Naval Assault Star over the world of Ramora in 3069. Nuclear bombs were used to destroy the fleet, and circumstantial evidence of the time pointed at the Draconis Combine. Khans McKenna and Sukhanov wasted not time gathering their commanders in the field for a retributive strike that ended with several Kuritan planets raided and looted, and the world of Galedon V completely in flames. Only later was the truth known about the attacks, and how they were actually perpetrated by the Word of Blake. Due to the fallout of this incident in the Clans' Grand Council, the Raven's homeworld of Lum came under attack from several other Clans.[5][6]

Flight of the Raven, Dante and Final Years[edit]

As the situation deteriorated, the Raven Khans decided to gather the rest of their resources for the move to the Outworlds Alliance. The Snake Alliance lashed out to punish the Ravens for a perceived lack of honor, taking many of the Raven's possessions in the Kerensky Cluster. Clan Steel Viper would strike in 3070, succeeding in taking Lum, and leaving the Ravens without a world to truly call home. As his Clan accelerated their plans to leave the Clan Homeworlds behind, saKhan Sukhanov brokered a deal with Clan Blood Spirit to gain more Jumpship assets, strengthening his Clan as best he could. [7][8][9]

Sukhanov then traveled back to the Inner Sphere, assisting Khan McKenna wherever he was able. In March of 3071, a Snow Raven Clan Council was held on the world of Dante. Suddenly, an unknown Jumpship materialized on top of the Snow Raven's flagship, the Nightlord class Snow Raven, destroying it with a massive loss of life, including the bulk of Alpha Galaxy. The attack left saKhan Sukhanov severely crippled, though he continued to serve his Clan for an undetermined length of time after this bloody incident.[10][11]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Bryn Cooper
saKhan of Clan Snow Raven
3065 - 30??

Succeeded by
Alberto Crow


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