Bronson's Horde

Bronson's Horde
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Dwayne Bronson
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor no
Infantry no


Bronson's Horde was formed in 2869 through Colonel William Bronson and other former members of the Eridani Light Horse command who believed the former Star League unit should embrace the mercenary life.[1]

In 2946 the Horde assault the Light Horse on New Karlsruh. The fight was brutal and cost the mercs over a regiment's worth of equipment and all space assets, also their reputation as a solid mercenary force.[2] The unit fought for and against all great houses for the next several decades. [3]

During the Jihad Bronson's Horde fought for the Word of Blake on New Avalon. Between the Second and Third Battles of New Avalon, the Horde raided the world, forcing the defending 1st Davion Guards to remain alert.[4] Shortly thereafter they supported a raid by the 36th Division that sought supplies. The 5th FedCom RCT repelled the Blakists but the Horde was able to escape with several hundred tons of supplies and repair equipment. [5] They also supported the 44th Shadow Division when that unit landed to reinforce the attacking Blakists. The heavy fighting they saw destroyed the command. [6]


Every Bronson that leads the command shares the traditional hatred for the Eridani Light Horse.[3]


The regiment uses mass fire to open holes. These are then used by the battalions to destroy the enemy.[3]


The transport assets includes two Invader-class JumpShips and enough DropShips to carry the unit's assets. The Horde's techs can cover most of the common repairs.

Mercenary Rating[edit]

Dragoon Rating: C

Composition History[edit]


Bronson's Horde(1 Expanded Regiment/Veteran/Questionable)

- All 'Mechs are upgraded

- The unit contains an command battalion and is heavy weight

- The unit is medium weight with some upgrades

Bronson's Vengeful Spirits(2 Wings/Green/Reliable)

  • 1st Wing Commander: Major Paul Russo
  • 2nd Wing Commander: Major Stanislav Chistov





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