Brooklyn Stevens

Dr. Brooklyn M. "Brooke" Stevens was a freelance explorer, mercenary and treasure hunter as of 3067.

Described as physically charming, with light bronze skin and long auburn hair, she was married; her husband's name was Tyler.

Her native language appears to be German.

Early life & Career[edit]

She had a Ph.D. in archaeology and used to work for Interstellar Expeditions until ca. 3060. After an incident on Vulture's Nest which she remembered as a disaster, where she and her crew suffered outrageous treatment by the company she left Interstellar Expeditions on bad terms. However, it was later acknowledged that whatever had happened had not been her fault; apparently the responsibility truly lay with Project Director Denderhoff, whom she thought as a rugged mercenary who would not listen to advice.

Employed by Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner in 3067, she (together with her team, which included Tibor Mitternacht and Marissa Boerefijn) retrieved the Chalice of Uston DeKirk from the ancient wreckage of an ocean-going vessel on Rocky, a devastated and abandoned world that had been thrown into a nuclear winter.

During a presentation of this find in the Duke's palace on New Glasgow, Skye, on 24 April 3067, Brooke Stevens was approached by Dr. Henry Croft, of Interstellar Explorations, who offered her some leads and an assignment of how to find the lost world of Jardine.