Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms
Product information
Type Short story
Author Christopher Purnell
Pages 20
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 20 October 2009
Era Civil War era
Timeline 3 June 3063-24 May 3067

Brothers in Arms is a short story by Christopher Purnell that was published online on BattleCorps on 20 October 2009. It was also later published in print in the 2016 BattleCorps anthology Front Lines.

Teaser text[edit]

The FedCom Civil war touched nearly every world of that star-spanning state, and many brothers fought against brothers, friends against friends. They did so for many reasons: love, greed, loyalty. But some, also, for duty...

Plot summary[edit]

On Bluford, the FedCom Civil War pits loyalists under Kommandant William Bacchelaut against rebels fighting under William's close friend, Kommandant Michael Otis, on 3 June 3063. Cornered, Michael refuses to surrender despite William's pleas, and only the destruction of Michael's BattleMaster breaks the rebels' resolve, ending the battle.

Four years later, William—now a colonel and overall commander of the planetary militia—visits the Royal Bluford Memorial Cemetary and watches Michael Otis being interred as a hero. After Katherine Steiner-Davion's arrest, the local duke had affirmed his loyalty to Victor Steiner-Davion and arranged for a hero's funeral of Michael Otis. William Bacchelaut meanwhile, despite his loyalty and despite prevailing in battle, lost all that he fought for; his wife has divorced him and he has no contact with his grandchildren (through William's daughter, who is married to Michael's son).

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