Browning-Corning, Limited

Browning-Corning, Limited
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Caph
Primary Products Support Vehicles


Located on the planet Caph, Browning-Corning, Limited was a vehicle manufacturer responsible for producing platforms such as the Chieftan Mobile HQ. Following the collapse of the Star League and the eruption of the First Succession War the use of chemical, biological and radiological weapons was widespread and created a significant demand for equipment to be used by salvage and recovery teams to allow them to operate in the "hot zones" generated by the use of such weapons. Browning-Corning, Limited was one of the companies to respond to that demand.[1]

Browning-Corning, Limited designed and produced the Oppenheimer Hazmat Recovery Vehicle using the chassis of the Chieftan Mobile Headquarters, and the Oppie subsequently proved to be an extremely successful salvage and recovery vehicle capable of recovering almost any BattleMech or vehicle carcass under even the most trying conditions. However, production of the Oppie ceased along with all other Browning-Corning, Limited manufacturing when a raiding party from the Draconis Combine destroyed the manufacturing plant in the belief that it was a BattleMech production facility - and, in a final twist of irony, the Combine raiders had already killed all of the staff responsible for producing the flagship Oppie Hazmat Recovery vehicle by deploying a pair of chemical weapons that killed the staff and several surrounding residential suburbs.[1]

Along with many cities and other sites on Caph the Browning-Corning, Limited plant remained a hotspot that the locals lacked the resources to reclaim and rebuild during the decline of the later Succession Wars while the planet itself was benignly neglected by the Great Houses.[1]

The situation changed significantly during the years before the Jihad when the Word of Blake began courting Caph as a potential member of the Word of Blake Protectorate; after Caph signed a defense pact with the Blakists, billions of [[C-bill]s began pouring into the Caphian economy. In addition to the economic boom, the Blakists deployed equipment and material unseen since the death throes of the Terran Hegemony to a number of hot zones around Caph, and spent two years restoring various areas of the planet - areas that included the Browning-Corning, Limited plant as well as newly built manufacturing plants operated by Skobel MechWorks and Martinson Armaments.[1]

The assistance from the Word of Blake went beyond restoring the original Oppie manufacturing lines; the Blakists also traced a direct descendent of Shala Brown, the last CEO of Browning-Corning; they then presented that descendent, Raymond Brown, with the complete engineering schematics and blueprints for the Oppie HMRV. As a consequence Browning-Corning, Limited began producing the first new Oppies - designed to an upgraded specification - in 3068.[1]


Browning-Corning, Limited has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Caph:[1]
Component Type
Support Vehicles
O-66 "Oppie" Hazmat Recovery Vehicle[1] Support Vehicle
HMRV Salvage Bed[1] Support Vehicle
HMRV DeConAid Trailer[1] Support Vehicle


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