Bryce Schmitt

Bryce Schmitt
Died 3084
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit

Bryce Schmitt (born 30?? - died 3084) was a warrior who would go on to become the last Khan of Clan Blood Spirit.[1]


SaKhan in the Wake of the Reavings[edit]

Elected to the post of saKhan in the wake of the Blood Spirit's disastrous involvement in the Annihilation of Clan Steel Viper, Bryce Schmitt served a Clan that had fallen back to its hidden colonies on Colleen, with only a small enclave on Strana Mechty known to the other Clans. From 3076 onward, saKhan Schmitt was most often in charge of the Blood Spirit presence there, though he would come to regard it as many others in his Clan, as a punishment. Still, he remained there, acting on behalf of the Spirits in the Grand Council. Within years he would begin to assign only solahma to Strana Mechty, though the genetic labs were often put to work for the Spirits, as their facilities on Haven were small and of limited use.[1]

The End of Isolation[edit]

In 3082, the Blood Spirits' total isolation ended with the appearance of a Clan Stone Lion JumpShip entered the system, quietly exiting it later. Soon Haven and Honor were beset by forces from not only the Stone Lions, but Clan Cloud Cobra and Clan Coyote. During a major Stone Lion assault on Honor in 3083, the Blood Spirit Khan was killed leading his forces. Bryce Schmitt was elected to serve him soon after. With Lucas Campbell serving as his saKhan and James Vargras as Loremaster, the new Blood Spirit leadership found itself with dwindling holdings and resources. After Clan Coyote took three BattleMech production sites on Honor, holding on with the remains of their Nu Galaxy. Khan Schmitt unleashed the traditional Blood Spirit response to assaults on their homeworlds, hoards of armed civilians who stormed the Coyote-occupied city of Glasgow, nearly a Cluster in number. Khan Leo Koga of the Coyotes conferred with the leader of Stone Lion forces in the Colleen system, Loremaster Jackie Ravenwater, both agreeing that the Blood Spirits were dezgra.[1][2]

Annihilation and Death[edit]

In a subsequent Grand Council called by Khan Koga, the Coyote Khan called for the censure of Clan Blood Spirit. But Clan Star Adder, long time enemies of the Blood Spirits, called for their Annihilation over the reports of such flagrant unClanlike activity. In lieu of this position, a Trial of Absorption was passed by the Grand Council, granted to the Star Adders, who immediately set about landing their forces as soon as the Stone Lions and Coyotes withdrew in deference to the Adders. Adder victory over saKhan Lucas Campbell and forces on Strana Mechty did not bode well. On the 5th of October, 3084, CSA Sovereign Right and Absolute Truth crippled the last remaining Blood Spirit naval assets, the CBS Karianna Schmitt and the Stooping Kite, landing their Gamma, Epsilon and Xi Galaxies on Haven, while the Blood Spirit response to the landings was ineffectual. Khan Schmitt unleashed four more Clusters of armed civilians in an ambush of the Star Adder forces as they crossed the Sidhe River, sending two Broadsword Dropships on strafing runs over the assembled Adders. Khan Schmitt would lead a desperate stand through the most vicious fighting since the fall of York, but to no avail. He would eventually fall to the Star Adder saKhan Wyatt Talasko, with his few remaining Blood Spirits following soon after, fighting until the end.[1][2]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Karianna Schmitt
saKhan of Clan Blood Spirit

Succeeded by
Lucas Campbell
Preceded by
Khan of Clan Blood Spirit

Succeeded by


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