Bryn Cooper

Bryn Cooper (born 30?? - died 3065[1]) was saKhan of Clan Snow Raven during the years leading up to the Great Refusal.[2]


An Aerospace Fighter pilot who was said to have a gift for both tactics and for administration, Bryn Cooper was recognized early on as a ristar. His peers also recognized this and often sought to stymie his career through political maneuvering, but Cooper learned to counter these tactics almost subconsciously. This ability served him well, but it also led him to develop a mildly paranoid streak, seeing enemies at times when there were none.[2]

Raven's Rise[edit]

Elected to the post of saKhan after the death of his predecessor, Richard McTiernan, Cooper's paranoia was often focused on the person of Loremaster Klaus Harper, who was Khan Lynn McKenna's original choice for the post of saKhan. The fact that Harper declined the posting gave saKhan Cooper no comfort, leading him to attempt to sabotage the Loremaster's career several times. Though saKhan Cooper was a natural leader with a background in space superiority missions - and thus was regarded as perfect for the Snow Raven Fleet Command Star - his activities were noted by his Khan, who had in turn prepared plans to remove him if his eccentricities had ever gotten out of hand.[2]

Defending Lum and Death[edit]

In 3065, the Snow Raven's old enemy, Clan Steel Viper launched an assault on Lum, the Raven's capital world in the Kerensky Cluster. The Vipers sought to avoid a full-frontal naval engagement with the Snow Raven fleet, instead quickly punching through and landing forces on the surface of the world. After several weeks of fighting, the Vipers were forced to retreat off-world with saKhan Cooper and his forces in pursuit. The Vipers were still able to escape, but not before a Dropship carrying Viper Khan Perigard Zalman was destroyed in flight. SaKhan Cooper would also perish during the fight, evening the losses on both sides.[1][3]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Richard McTiernan
saKhan of Clan Snow Raven
30?? - 3065[1]

Succeeded by
Broderick Sukhanov


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