Buda Weapons Sector

The Buda Weapons Sector was an industrial zone in the northeast portion of the Aichi continent on Luthien and the location of Skytower City.[1][2][3]

Surrounding area of Buda Weapons Sector


The Buda Weapons Sector was located on the intermittent forests and plains of northeastern Aichi. Portions of the sector include dense urban, reclaimed forest and industrial complex environments. It is the location of Skytower City, a metropolis home to over 50 million residents. The area suffers from sinkholes.[1][2][3]


On March 14th 3074, the sector saw a double-assault by first the forces of the Kokuryu-kai and, shortly following that, of the Word of Blake. The Loyalist forces attempted to defend the highly valued chief researcher of Buda Weapons, Hideoshi Yamika.[2]


  • The maps within Jihad Turning Points: Luthien appear to indicate the Buda Weapons Sector is located outside and just to the northeast of Skytower City. However, the "Light Machine" track on pages 10 & 11 indicate that Skytower City exists within the sector. It is the assumption that the maps intend to show two areas of interest (the city and the sector) as co-located; therefore, the hierarchy of the track is adopted.


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