Buena War College Training Battalion

Buena War College Training Battalion
Unit Profile (as of 3054)
Parent Formation AFFC

The Buena War College Training Battalion was the training unit assigned to the War College of Buena.


The War College of Buena required every cadet, whether front line soldier or technician, to serve for six months in the training battalion. This provided the cadets with practical knowledge to supplement the theory they received in the academy's classrooms. The cadets in the battalion also underwent a series of live fire exercises on the Tomasova Martial Range, and field deployments in the Bolan Province and Timbuktu Theater were also common. Instructors in the battalion also forced the cadets to operate at their physical and mental limits. The harsh discipline forced the cadets to adapt their classroom lessons to a practical format and work as part of a team. Cadets who were unable to do so washed out of the program.[1]

In 3067 the Buena War College Training Battalion reduced their student's service cycles from six months to three months. This allowed the battalion to train twice as many cadets, which was critical to rebuilding a military damaged in the FedCom Civil War.[2]

After the end of the Jihad, the battalion found that two thirds of its equipment was removed and reassigned to active duty LAAF units to rebuild.[3] The shortened training cycle remained in place in 3085. The largest problem that the Battalion had at that time was finding enough equipment for its cadets. Nearly a third of the graduates of the War College were sent straight to their assignments with no time at all spent in the Battalion.[4]


As of 3050 to 3067 the commanding officer is Kommandant Florence Elinwood Landers.[5][6][1][7]

As of 3085 the commanding officer was Colonel Brad Engle.[8]


As a training unit, the Buena War College Training Battalion lacks any signature tactics.

Composition History[edit]


Buena War College Training Battalion (Battalion/Green/Reliable)[9]


Buena War College Training Battalion (Battalion/Green/Reliable)[5][6]

  • CO: Kommandant Florence Elinwood Landers


Buena War College Training Battalion (Reinforced Battalion/Green/Reliable)[1][7]

  • CO: Kommandant Florence Elinwood


The post-Jihad training battalion was reduced to a company in size. This leaves most of the cadets using simulators.[3]


Buena War College Training Battalion (Green/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Brad Engle




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