Burton Lindley

Character History[edit]

Burton Lindley (b. ???? - d. ????) was the Captain of the Mule-class DropShip Leper Colony when the ship and it's crew witnessed the destruction of the world of Paradise in the former Free Worlds League at the hands of a task force from the Principality of Regulus. Lindley and his ship were hired by the planetary government of Paradise to investigate an emergence signature at the L1 pirate point between Paradise and the major moon, Bliss, which was revealed to be a Regulan task force. The task force conducted a two-hour nuclear bombardment of Paradise that saw thousands of multiple-megaton cobalt-jacketed nuclear warheads launched by chemical missile against the Paradise, launched at various vectors to ensure every warhead would land within the same five-minute period while hitting every major population centre on the planet from pole to pole.[1]

Lindley and his crew were pursued by interceptors from the Regulan task force, but were able to evade their pursuers and rejoin their JumpShip, Centralla's Toy. Lindley and his crew witnessed the Regulan task force jump out of the Paradise system between two and three hours after jumping in.[1]


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