By the Sword

By the Sword
Product information
Type Short story
Author Jason Schmetzer
Pages 17
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 19 February 2007
Era Jihad era
Timeline 12-15 March 3068
Series Case White (series)

By the Sword is a short story by Jason Schmetzer that was published online on BattleCorps on 19 February 2007 as the fifth installment in the Case White series. It was also published in print in the fourth BattleCorps anthology, Fire for Effect, in 2013.

Teaser text[edit]

Four years at the Sandhurst Military Academy have given Thomas Abbott a chance to shine. Top of his class, an able MechWarrior, and all without breaking a sweat. But when ComStar comes to Terra, Abbott realizes that not everything can be learned in a classroom— that that sometimes you can't just go by the book. That you need to go by the sword.

Plot summary[edit]

As the ComStar fleet arrives in the Sol system and general alarm is sounded, a hooded figure who had visited Thomas Abbott's Advanced Tactics seminar orders Thomas to stay with him. The hooded man turns out to be Azrael and he takes Abbott along with the 51st Shadow Division as they proceed to vanquish the attackers' 166th Division in Normandy, his shining white Watchman eerily standing out from the Shadow Division's colors.

The lessons to be learned by Abbott are those Azrael teaches him; but secretly, Abbott also understands that "even monsters fight for Blake".

Featured BattleTech[edit]




  • unspecified sea freighter "MS George McCallister"