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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class York


The York-class destroyer Brimstone was a WarShip in service with Clan Cloud Cobra. Constructed by the Clans after the Pentagon Civil War, the CCS Brimstone and her sister ship, The Protector, were two of five WarShips that made up the Cloud Cobra Alpha Naval Reserve in 3061, alongside the Blind Faith, the Cataclysm and the Incense.[1] The Brimstone was still in service with the Cloud Cobras in 3067.[2]

In late 3074 the Brimstone and a fellow Cloud Cobra WarShip, the Hell Fury, were assigned along with several stars of boarding craft and AeroSpace Fighters as part of a grudging contribution from the Cloud Cobras to the military task force being assembled by Clan Star Adder at Dagda for a strike on Tanis. Operating under the command of SaKhan Hannibal Banacek, the Brimstone and Hell Fury joined the task force when it jumped into the Tanis system on the 17th of December, with the Hell Fury engaging the defending Ingrid Bucharev and Second Coming alongside the Divine Conquest and Stellar Serpent. The Brimstone joined the Exodus Ranger in providing escort to the four Star Adder Galaxies - Alpha, Sigma, Tau and Xi - tasked with conquering Alexandra. Despite the presence of the two WarShips, half of Xi Galaxy was destroyed on approach by the heavy surface-to-atmosphere fire launched by the planetary defenders.[3]

The Brimstone was one of the few Cloud Cobra WarShips to survive the Wars of Reaving, and as at 3085 was one of just seven active Cloud Cobra WarShips.[4] In 3088 forces from Clan Stone Lion captured the Brimstone as isorla during the Trial of Possession initiated by the Stone Lions for the Cloud Cobra enclaves on Bearclaw.[5]


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