Broken Sea

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Broken Sea
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class York


In 3061 rumors were circulating amongst the Clans that Clan Coyote had commissioned Clan Snow Raven to construct a new York-class destroyer for the Coyote touman. According to the rumors, while no new Yorks had been constructed since the last production run of a dozen over a hundred years earlier, Star Admiral Demos McTighe had been impressed enough by the design to persuade Khan Sullivan Koga to request the construction of a York.[1]

By 3067 just such a ship had appeared in the Coyote touman - the CCS Broken Sea.[2]. The Broken Sea would continue to serve in the Coyote touman until her destruction in early 3073.[3]

The Broken Sea was destroyed in battle; with the bulk of Clan Diamond Shark touman having withdrawn to their holdings in the Inner Sphere and Deep Periphery, Clan Coyote launched a large task force to annex the Diamond Shark holdings on Vinton. The Broken Sea was one of five Coyote WarShips deployed in the action, serving alongside the Essex-class destroyer CCS Windrunner, the Lola III-class destroyers CCS Courage and CCS Honor of Ages and the Cameron-class battlecruiser CCS Blood of the Coyote.[3]

The Broken Sea was one of three Coyote WarShips to be destroyed during the campaign to seize Vinton, perishing alongside the Courage during the initial assault, both ships being victims of a Diamond Shark SDS before the Coyotes disabled the SDS with a computer virus and destroyed key components using AeroSpace Fighters. The Courage's sister ship, Honor of Ages, was subsequently gutted by the Samarkand-class carrier CDS Deal Breaker before the Deal Breaker was crushed in turn by the Blood of the Coyote.[3]


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