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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Vincent (Mark 42)


The Vincent-class corvette Trump was a Star League Defense Force WarShip that survived the Hegemony Campaign to liberate Terra from the forces of Stefan Amaris, and subsequently followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus.

The Trump would remain in service with the Cloud Cobras as the CCS Trump; by 3061, the Trump was one of four WarShips assigned to Delta Galaxy, serving alongside the its sister ship, the CCS Hertzog's Staff, the Fredasa-class corvette CCS Perdition's Flame and the McKenna-class battleship CCS Second Coming.[1] The Trump was still listed as being in service with the Cloud Cobras as at 3067.[2]

In 3070, despite the possibility of a peaceful transfer of holdings between Clan Diamond Shark and the Cloud Cobras, revelations of secret dealings on the part of the Sharks became public thanks to revelations from Clan Snow Raven in a Grand Council meeting in May. As a result, when the Commander of Beta Galaxy, Wainani N'Buta, discovered that several large Diamond Shark resource convoys were departing Clan space for the Inner Sphere, he launched a Trial of Possession for one of the convoys. The Trial was a success for the Cloud Cobras, who gained a significant amount of military supplies and building materials as well as a large number of lower caste workers. One of the losses incurred by the Cloud Cobras during the Trial was the Trump, which was destroyed by a mass Diamond Shark squadron attack. The Cloud Cobras considered the Trial to be a great success.[3]


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