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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Potemkin


The Titanic is the name given to two separate Potemkin-class cruisers in service with Clan Diamond Shark at various points in the history of the Clan.


In 3061 the Potemkin-class carrier CDS Titanic was a WarShip in service with the Clan Diamond Shark touman.[1]


The first of two Potemkin-class WarShips to bear this name in service to the Diamond Sharks, the first Titanic was destroyed during the Wars of Reaving. The Titanic and the Fredasa-class corvette CDS Swift Strike were used to transport several DropShips full of supplies and materials for Clan Blood Spirit from the Diamond Shark holding of Nyserta in the Inner Sphere to the Blood Spirit enclaves on York. The goods transported by the Swift Strike and the Titanic represented one of the last bargained contracts between the Blood Spirits and the Diamond Sharks, and also included a gift from the Diamond Sharks: several Stars of Crimson Hawk BattleMechs, based upon a design taken from the Blood Spirits in a Trial of Possession by the Diamond Sharks, but modified and improved by the Diamond Sharks.[2]

When the Swift Strike and the Titanic arrived at York in August 3073, they found the system under a blockade imposed by Clan Star Adder; despite having been subject to a bombardment in 3072 that was sufficiently extensive to have altered the ecology of the world, York was still technically a Blood Spirit holding, and the Star Adders were blockading the system in the hope that they could intercept the remaining Blood Spirit warriors still at large. The Diamond Shark vessels requested passage to the planet, citing the arrangements which had been bargained out between the two Clans, but Star Admiral Fortunato Gena of the Star Adders refused to allow either Diamond Shark vessel to pass.[2]

The decision by Admiral Gena forced the Diamond Sharks to try and run the blockade in order to make good on their agreement to deliver to the Blood Spirits; the Star Adders responded by engaging the Swift Strike and the Titanic with two of their own vessels, the Nightlord-class battleship CSA Absolute Truth and the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CSA Nygaard. The heavier Star Adder vessels first maneuvered to block the path of the Diamond Shark vessels to the planet, and then when the Titanic refused to deviate from its course, launched broadsides against the Titanic. The two broadsides were enough to destroy the Titanic, breaking the Potemkin along it's jump core. The Titanic's DropShips scattered and attempted to make it past the Star Adder vessels, but only half of them actually made it down to the planetary surface.[2]

Despite long range fire from the Absolute Truth damaging the Swift Strike, the small Diamond Shark ship managed to jump out of the York system to Albion, and then subsquently to a Diamond Shark holding in the Chainelane Isles, although it would take until November 3077 for the Swift Strike to complete the journey.[2]


Despite the ejection of the Diamond Sharks from the Clan Homeworld systems, the Sharks inserted a Watch team back into homeworlds space in 3075; the Watch contingent consisted of two small JumpShips, a dozen solahma warriors, two salvage teams, technicians and merchants. The mission undertaken was twofold; to infiltrate the remaining Clans still in homeowrlds space and to visit the only remaining Diamond Shark naval cache, located in the Babylon system, and restore any ships they could to operational status. The naval cache contained just two WarShips, of which only one would prove to be in good enough condition that the small party could restore it - the Essex-class destroyer Marseilles.[3]

Having restored the Marseilles and staffed it with a skeleton crew, the bulk of the Watch contingent then travelled to the edge of the Lum system and began searching for the remains of the Potemkin-class CSR Snowflake using information provided by Clan Snow Raven. The party found the Snowflake and confirmed that the K-F jump drive was in working order despite the Snowflake having lost large portions of its hull during the battle in the system. After emergency repairs, the Snowflake managed to execute a successful emergency test jump; this led the Diamond Sharks to rename the Snowflake to Titanic, in honor of the ship destroyed at York. The Sharks also renamed the Marseilles to the CDS Architeuthis and proceeded to make a cautious journey back to the Inner Sphere, both salvage and work teams continuing to conduct what repairs they could en route.[3]

Both the newly-renamed Titanic and the Architeuthis journeyed back to Ramora in the Outworlds Alliance, arriving in 3076 and promptly taking advantage of the Snow Raven repair bays there, which the Diamond sharks had recently secured rights to use. Each ship underwent repairs at Ramora, although neither stayed any longer than was necessary, and both ships travelled to Twycross in 3080.[3]


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