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Type DropShip


The Uther was a DropShip in service with Clan Diamond Shark as the CDS Uther during the Wars of Reaving. In late December 3071 the Diamond Shark holdings on Paxon based around the city of Thermopolis were damaged by forces from Clan Blood Spirit, who were embroiled in a Trial of Possession with Clan Coyote for the former Clan Wolf holdings on Paxon that the Coyotes had acquired. Blood Spirit forces stumbled into a massive temporary encampment of Diamond Shark civilian caste personnel who had been assembled for evacuation from Paxon to join the Diamond Shark holdings in the Inner Sphere. The Blood Spirits had been attempting to outflank the Coyotes' Forty-Ninth Battle Cluster, and by the time the Blood Spirits managed to extricate themselves from the encampment, they had trampled through much of it and killed more than six hundred civilians.[1]

The Diamond Sharks responded violently, with the Eighty-Third Combined Strike Cluster savagely counterattacking the Blood Spirit forces, only for Clan Coyote to seize the firebase that the Eighty-Third had moved out of to launch their counterattack. The Diamond Sharks came under increasing pressure from the Blood Spirits in the following days, with DropShips such as the Uther being unloaded of the materiel recently reclaimed from the nearby Brian Cache to arm the defenders as the Diamond Sharks took the unorthodox step of arming former warriors to help defend Thermopolis. As the situation became increasingly tenuous for the Diamond Sharks the Uther and the other DropShips were loaded up with civilian personnel as the Diamond Sharks prepared to evacuate Thermopolis.[1]

As the battle for Thermopolis became a three-way struggle fought amidst the streets of the city itself, several of the Diamond Shark Dropships including the Uther attempted to evacuate the city by lifting off. Star Colonel Stok Campbell of the Blood Spirits believed that the Diamond Sharks had loaded the DropShips with materiel from the Brian Cache and ordered his meagre AeroSpace Fighter contingent to attack the DropShips. Two of the DropShips, the Uther and her sister ship CDS Orson, were shot down; as the two DropShips crashed on the surface of Paxon, the civilians aboard - more than eleven hundred in total - were killed even as the last of the Diamond Shark forces fighting in Thermopolis under Star Colonel Megan Clarke fell to the Coyotes.[1]


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